The Wind & Rain is a composition and performance collaboration founded by composers Lincoln Mendell and Logan Metz.

In the realm of performance, the two have quite a résumé.  They've toured nationally for many years, and performed everywhere from backwoods biker rallies to Walt Disney Concert Hall.  Along the way, they have shared the stage with the likes of Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Neil Young and Bob Weir, to name a few. 

Primarily, however, The Wind & Rain is a venture in creative composition, and the very breadth of their work is remarkable in itself.  They have written Rock 'n' Roll albums, children's music, commercial jingles, film soundtracks and scores, screenplays, children's books, sonnets, essays, and of course, rock adaptations of Shakespeare plays.  

Perhaps most importantly, The Wind & Rain functions as an overall "Do-It-Yourself" operation.  Mendell and Metz not only write, arrange, produce, and engineer their own work...they play almost every instrument as well.  On a given recording, one might hear guitar, bass, drums, piano, banjo, harmonica, mandolin, trumpet, clarinet, flugelhorn, accordion, musical saw, spoons, kazoo, and stacks of vocal harmonies, all performed by Mendell and Metz.

The Wind & Rain currently works as artist-in-residence for Alma Mater Records, a non-profit record label operated through The Marymount Institute at Loyola Marymount University.  

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